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Camelot students roll up their sleeves and give blood

(Philadelphia - December 20, 2011)

Second annual Excel Academy North was students' idea.

Senior Ozzie Watson coordinated student involvement with Camelotís second annual blood drive at Excel Academy North accelerated high school.

During this time of year when blood donations drop off due to the holidays, students, staff and alumni from Camelot Schools' Excel Academy North rolled up their sleeves to give blood.

Excel started this initiative last year when two students suggested the campaign for their senior project. Students took on the commitment of signing up donors and making the schedule for all donations.

They followed up on that initiative collection blood from another 80 students and staff.

Senior Ozzie Watson volunteered to coordinate the student effort this year, humbly saying "it just seemed like the right thing to do."

Among the core values taught by Camelot Schools is community involvement. Camelot students take part in community clean-ups, feeding the homeless and now annually conducting this blood drive.

Camelot works in partnership with school districts to help students who have not been able to succeed in mainstream schools. Through structure, expectations and expertise with at-risk students, Camelot gives these young people a second chance, and most take advantage, go on to graduate, and move on to post-secondary opportunities.

Red Cross staff spent the day at Camelotís Excel Academy North accelerated high school accepting blood donations from Camelot students.